Donate finances

If you wish to make a direct, donation to Tri-Pi, please contact us directly.



Donate time

Our volunteers are a very important part of Tri-Pi's supporters. If you have a skill you would like to share, please let us know! Whether it's taking tickets or supplying drinks for a fundraiser, every part of donating your time is appreciated!

Below is a a list of some immediate ways to volunteer:

usher a show
concessions stand
become a board member
crew a show
videotape a show

Send us an email and tell us how you would like to help us:


Donate items

Office equipment or office supplies. Fabric or furniture. Sometimes that old item that seems worthless to you might be perfect for someone else---maybe us! Please keep Tri-Pi in mind if you have items that you feel could go to a good cause.

Below are some things on our wish list:

video projector
video tripod
laptop harddrive (for captioning equipment)
building materials
band saw
scroll saw
drill press
storage space

Send us an email if you have any items that might find a home with us:


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